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Bellevue Hill, located 5 kilometres east of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of the Municipality of Woollahra, is well known for being one of Australia’s wealthiest suburbs. What it lacks for in water views it makes up in iconic heritage buildings, Australia’s top private schools and a long list of notable residents. Bellevue Hill was home to the Murdoch family, Packer family , Rene Rivkin, Sir William McMahon and Lady McMahon just to mention a few.

Bellevue Hill is famous for its real estate. The historic Queen Anne home “Caerleon” was sold for $22 million in January 2008. This price was surpassed by the $23 million sale paid for a mansion in Victoria Road in November 2009. The mansion had previously been used by the French consulate since 1955. One person who inspected it was actor Russell Crowe, who subsequently did not take part in the bidding. The house was bought by Lachlan Murdoch.

The name given to the suburb was taken from that given to the look-out area which later became Bellevue Park – named ‘Belle Vue’ by Governor Macquarie as an alternative to the colloquial ‘Vinegar Hill’ which Macquarie considered vulgar.Bellevue Hill