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Message from Paul Biller – Principal at Biller Property

Auction Vs Private Treaty

When selling a property, vendors are faced with many important decisions. The choices you make for the sale of your property will ultimately impact the sale price, time on the market, and overall experience.

Whilst there is a variety of ways in which you can offer a property to market, auction and private treaty are the two most common.

The Sydney market, and the Eastern Suburbs in particular, has come to expect ... Read more

On Market vs Off Market Sales

Will selling off market affect your sale price?
What you need to know before selling your home off market

There is a saying in real estate almost as old as real estate itself – “you can’t sell a secret”. And yet selling properties off market – where they are not publicly advertised but instead real estate agents contact interested buyers privately – is a relatively new ‘fad’ that is gaining ... Read more