Company Profile

Biller Property is one of Sydney’s most premier real estate groups. Born on the eastern suburbs of Sydney, we are well versed in the prestige property market and pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to integrity and service.

As an independent agency our focus has always been our clients. We believe in quality over quantity and as such have garnered a reputation for our expert advice and innovative approach to the properties we bring to market. We have hand selected our team of negotiators and sales agents, as well as top-tier auctioneers, property managers and marketing specialists for their passion, competency and deep knowledge of Sydney Real Estate. Naturally, our results speak for themselves.

Since our inception we have fostered a culture of partnership with the people we work with. We have earnt and kept our clients’ trust, and it is our strong relationships that ensure we are able to connect the right buyers with their next address.

We look forward to helping you find yours.